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Knowledge-driven document analytics

Understanding what really matters

Organisations today are increasingly exposed to massive document flows containing information that is relevant and sensitive for business decisions. However, many struggle to filter out in a timely manner from this document flow what is truly relevant.

With our radically new, knowledge-driven approach to document analytics, we provide a unique solution for organizations interested in gaining a maximum of value from its document sources. We generate a knowledge model customised to use-specific terminology, language and sources using advanced artificial intelligence technology with the possibility to infuse high-level expert input. Using this knowledge model, we can provide highly precise filtering, structuring and monitoring of the organisation’s document assets and relevant social web content.


  • Due to domain-specific and multi-lingual enrichment of documents
  • Precise filtering an classification of documents


  • Automated knowledge discovery tool
  • Expert input only where required


  • Filtering and classification of data according to the preferred communities, topics, categories
  • Categorisation of users
  • Configuration of dashboards


  • Support for native text processing in all main languages
  • Multi-lingual taxonomies


  • Data stored in European servers
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations.