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We put artificial intelligence at your service to discover signals hidden in the Web
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What information we produce

What information we produce

Analysing information from open source content, social media and news can be daunting with the massive amount of data leaving the uneasy feeling of having missed something important.

Spot relevant signals faster with less time and effort. Identify your domain of interest and formulate your burning question. We will help you to find the answers.

You receive instantly your individualised intelligent information.

Use Cases


Vaccine: Unknown
side effects of treatments


Health sector: Latest cyber-attacks


Catholic Church:
CATHᴬᴾᴾ : All the news


Artificial meat: Consumer perception and risks


Universities: The technologies they work on


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Why we are able to do it

Experience -

Artificial Intelligence -

Scalable Software -

Efficiently detecting relevant signals in Web content requires a combination of human skills for understanding the context, artificial intelligence for automating routine tasks and a personalized environment for efficient work.

As an EPFL startup, our team has been working since 2013 with numerous partners on research and development of methods to analyze open-source content for extracting relevant information.

We observed that general purpose tools and platforms are too generic to perform efficiently. They lack dedicated AI capabilities, integrate poorly into work processes and often are simply unable to spot weak signals. Custom software solutions take too long to build and are too expensive to be viable for many individual use cases.

We developed a scalable platform for content analysis, providing access to large scope of content sources, integrating the latest AI-based tools for natural language processing, supporting domain-specific taxonomies and enabling the quick configuration of custom-made dashboards.

In this way we reunite the best of the two worlds. We provide solutions that provide the full power of AI, are fully personalized and can be tailored within days at reasonable costs.

As a result we deliver high performance detection of weak signals and early warnings. We help distinguish relevant from irrelevant information exactly the way you need.

What results you receive

Everyone has different needs.

See first results the same day, deploy a first solution the next week.

Thanks to our powerful platform,
we can quickly configure a solution that exactly fits.

CUSTOM content:

Documents selected from Social Media, the Web and your own sources.

You can select among content from a Twitter firehose and other social media, access to the Web content and a complete coverage of the news space.

CUSTOM intelligence:

Custom taxonomy and AI text understanding.

AI has enabled incredible progressing in automatic text understanding. We provide you with the most powerful and meaningful among those, while you can adapt them fully to your personal needs. Next to AI, taxonomies remain a critical capability for analyzing text. Supported by AI we provide you with custom taxonomies that capture all the subtleties of your domain.

CUSTOM access:

Personalized Dashboards – Newsletters and Notifications – Analysis and Curation Tool – API