Peek is a no-code AI platform for analysing and monitoring open source information

What is Peek

Peek enables custom monitoring social media from Twitter and Instagram, news sources by default.

Any other available sources can be added.

It supports natively a wide range of languages.

Its main functions are:

Monitoring of topics of interest, detection of new events and early warning signals.

Analysis of historical trends in the data, influencers and user communities.

What makes Peek special

It enables customisation of data organisation for end-user needs, and:

  1. simplifies life of expert users, as many complexities of data processing are hidden and taken care by the platform,
  2. makes the platform accessible to layman users, without requiring technical understanding,
  3. support a wide range of filtering, visualisation, collaboration and data delivery functions,
  4. applies in its data analysis carefully selected artificial intelligence methods
  5. enables rapid development of customised dashboards 

This level of customisation is, usually, only accessible through dedicated R&D project