Choose the right plan for you

–  Subscribe to our ready-made solutions for key technical, business and societal topics

–  Conduct projects to investigate in-depth analysis of a topic of interest, for consulting, research or journalism 

–  Integrate our solution into community platforms to provide information services to a larger public

–  Create a enterprise solution to provide custom information to the organization

You can use our services on the following terms:

Use our existing enriched data collections

Volume-Based subscription

Access to custom dashboards

Access to data analysis and curation platform (Peek)

Access to API volume-based subscription

Use our platform to create new, custom enriched data collections

Demand offer

Development of custom enriched data collections (taxonomy development, AI models, custom dashboards)

Integration of new data sources

Special purpose data analysis pipelines

Receive support from us

Daily rates

Data analysis support

Data curation support