Think like scientists, act as engineers, focus on business

LinkAlong, a Swiss-based Company,

is a startup of EPFL, a top European technical university.

We are scientists, engineers.

By combining the latest AI technologies with human intelligence, we aim for very high quality detection of weak signals and early warnings and help distinguish relevant from irrelevant information.



We build solutions to enhance analysts’ capabilities using advanced AI and/or proprietary text and image content.



In order to extract high value information from massive unstructured data.



Detect new events and early warning signals, monitor of topics of interest, analyze historical trends, find influencers and user communities.

Our mission

Creating value for business with the most accurate image and texte classification.

Making a start

Innovate to provide the best ability to accurately and automatically distinguish the relevant from the non-relevant content. 

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The Result:
Benefit from internal and external content to have the digital mastery for decision making and efficient operation. We will help you every step of the way.

Grasp Opportunities

You can grasp opportunities due to comprehensively scanning available information sources.

Reduce Risks

You can reduce risks by receiving early warning signals.

Master information overload

You master the information overload by automatically scouting for relevant content.

Eliminate noise

You eliminate noise and irrelevant content.

Single point of access

You have a single point of access to all relevant content sources.